Who Is Anthony?

Anthony Whitehurst’s journey to being an energy healer and meditation teacher
was a natural evolution. At the age of fifteen he began dancing, which brought
him to cathartic states where he would express and heal his emotions. Dancing
led him to practice yoga and meditation. Finding that traditional meditations
didn’t really speak to him, he began inventing and teaching his own. Plagued
by injuries as a dancer, he discovered that he could heal himself by transferring
energy through his hands. He began practicing on others while developing his
own system of hands-on energy healing. When people began reporting profound
shifts after receiving healings, he decided to take his hobby and begin pursuing
it seriously. After a few years of practice he channeled in a medicine ceremony
that he was creating a new system of energy healing called Cosmic Healing.
Anthony values life’s experience as being one’s greatest teacher. Learning from
experimentation, psychic guidance, and from other healers, Anthony approaches
healing as an art-form, a science, and a way of life.

Along with healing work, he creates interactive performance work that
incorporates visual art, dance, theater, music, and ritual. As an activist he was
involved with Occupy Wall Street and works to help organize the counter-culture
communities that he is a part of.

One of his greatest challenges in life has been to heal his heart and become
more loving to himself and others. He is fortunate to have a great friends and
family who have supported him along his path.