Is This For You?

Anyone can experience benefits from energy healing and coaching, but I work best and
have seen the greatest results with people whose mindset matches these five statements:

I have a great desire to change the world for the better and I have a sense of what
my soul’s purpose is. I’d like to be more effective at creating that change and
living out my full potential.

I’m looking for long-term solutions to the challenges that I’m facing, and am
willing to invest myself, be proactive, and go out of my comfort zone to create
that change.

I am open-minded to energy healing, psychic guidance and coaching as a means
for personal transformation and I am willing to experiment with processes
unfamiliar to me.

I have some experience meditating; I’m interested in going deeper into that
practice, but could use guidance.

I view a healer and coach as someone who can help me heal myself and discover
my full potential, not someone who will make my problems disappear.

If this sounds very much like you, then I suggest we get started. (Getting Started)