Getting Started

You may be asking, “Where do I begin?”

Very simply, we begin with an introductory session. To get the best out of your session,
take some time to meditate on these questions beforehand.

What are a few areas of your life that you would like to see improvement?

What are some consistent challenges (mental, physical, emotional) you have been facing
in your life that you would like to overcome?

In your wildest dreams, if you could make the world a better place on an individual,
community, or global level, what would you be doing?

The first session will begin a process to overcome your challenges, improve your life, and
help to change the world.

After the introductory session, we’ll design a program customized to fit your needs and
desires. If we feel our work isn’t the best solution for your needs, we’ll recommend you
to someone who will be a better fit.

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1.5 Hour Introductory Session: $200

Introductory Package – 3 Sessions
3 Sessions – $525