What We Do

We help people who want to change the world for the better to live out their soul’s potential, and heal the blocks that prevent the expression of their true self.

Essentially we help people live inspired lives.

Cosmic Healing merges energy healing, meditation, and life coaching.

We empower people in their own healing and personal development process so they walk away with the tools, confidence, and self-awareness to transform their own lives.

We don’t believe in quick-fixes or magic pills and are committed to providing long-lasting results that go beyond a series of sessions.

We work with people we feel will have a profound impact in their life. If we don’t feel like our work is the best option for a person’s needs, then we suggest a process that may
better suit them.

The easiest way to understand the power of the work is to experience it first-hand. Here are a few stories of how it helped people who have been through this process:

Cynthia came to me feeling powerless to alcoholism. She could barely go two
weeks without bingeing and blacking out where she would start screaming fights
with her friends and boyfriend. She was beginning to lose friends and worried
about losing everything. Based on an energy reading I conducted, I decided to
work through art therapy, movement meditation, and chakra balancing. Over the
course of the seven sessions she reported that her cravings were decreasing
rapidly, her relationship to alcohol was changing, and she better understood why
she was going through this cycle of bingeing to begin with. In addition to that
her relationships were improving, she created a better work-life balance, and she
began better able to express her emotions and create boundaries in a healthy

When I met Cynthia I understood that the alcoholism wasn’t the source of the
problem, it was merely a symptom. As we healed the root causes, the addictive
tendencies naturally began disappearing while other areas of her life improved.

Marlene came to me after being diagnosed with stage one cervical cancer.
She didn’t want surgery, so she developed a program including energy healing
sessions with me, meditation, and healthy diet. While working on her, I could
feel the energetic imbalance that created the cancer and how it transformed
over time. After the second session a biopsy revealed that cancer was still in her body. After the fifth session the tests came back negative, but I sensed the
energetic imbalance was still present. We continued work to ensure that the
root cause of the cancer would be fully healed. During the eighth session I felt
the energetic blockage exit her body, thus I knew that our work was finished.
In addition to the symptoms leaving she found her relationship to her boyfriend
improving, she became more comfortable expressing emotions, and more able
to relax. Being proactive in her healing process, Marlene’s success in battling
cancer came from the combination of energy healing, her lifestyle choices, and
her commitment to fully heal the root cause.

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